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ADVANCED PARTNER MARKETING PLATFORM What is digital partner marketing and how is Performance Horizon involved?

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Genuine, no-lag tracking and reporting on an unlimited number of data parameters, so you can react to events in real-time as they happen.

  • Multi-Pivot Filtering

    Drill down into your data with unlimited pivots and filters to expose granular market insights and reduce data manipulation time.

  • API-Enabled Platform

    Performance Horizon Enterprise is a service-oriented platform built upon API foundations so you can integrate your own systems and implement custom automation processes and reporting.

  • Fast & Easy Payments

    Partner payments are released within 1 working day of their request and funds are available the same day the advertiser releases them. Payments are completely global; available in over 200 countries and territories, and in almost any currency.

  • Creative Management

    Schedule HTML, image, text and feed creative in a ‘calendar view’ interface and determine performance with creative reporting and analytics. Auto-update creative to coincide with promotions and events with no action required by the partner.

  • Commission Flexibility

    Reward commissions on any data parameter, multiple parameters, per partner, per campaign, on either CPC or CPA. Apply filters such as greater than/less than, and schedule commission rules to take effect when and where you want.

  • Coupon Code Commissions

    Intuitive coupon code management functionality offers partner and group-specific code allocation, catch-all rules (preventing double payments) and 'fuzzy matching'.

  • Insights Suite

    A powerful suite of visualizations such as Attribute Correlation, Device Analysis and Partner Comparison, offering detailed information on patterns and trends in your data.

  • User Administration

    The advanced administration and user access rights panel lets you set the permissions and functionality of all the members of your team, either globally or per campaign.

  • Bonus Payments

    Reward partners with one-off payments for special activity and tenancy agreements.

  • Localized Platform

    Available in 30 languages, the Performance Horizon Enterprise platform is accessible for global teams.


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